12 things

12 things

Today I’m reverting back to basics, I’m sat on a train trying hard to come up with good ideas for a blog post, and it’s just came to me! I’m going to write a 12 facts about me post. It’s been years since I wrote a similar post, so I’ve done quite a bit of changing since then. I do apologise in advance if there is any overlap! It’s also going to be in a little more detail than last time, so I’m sorry if I’m being boring or rambling.

1. I listen to a surprising amount of 90s rap for a white girl, it’s one of the few genres of music that I can’t really fault. I remember talking to my brother and my dad about rap because my papa thinks it’s full of profanities and the sort, but my brother said about how rap is really insightful into black culture and especially American rap is really interesting. I thought this was an excellent take, and it’s changed how I hear rap music and it’s content. It’s a form of expression that’s not nearly appreciated enough for what it is.

2. I say sorry, a lot. I have a fairly intense guilt complex and I constantly feel like I need to punish myself for things (any humanitarian issues make me want to punish myself for simply being human, which isn’t useful). The fact I’m constantly so down on myself is a bit tricky because it’s led to me self harming a lot in the past. Yet on a positive note, I’m about 6 months clean now!

3. My favourite city in the entire world is Berlin, it’s just such a bright and interesting city. It’s full of art but also incredibly dense with history. Venice is a close second, but mainly just because I think it’s beautiful and so serene. I quite like Bath as well but despite it being incredibly aesthetically pleasing, I think it’s a little bit boring, I like places where there are things constantly going on.

4. I like most people, and my default is to trust people. I don’t really do prejudices, which means that for me to dislike someone they have to have really hurt me or somebody I care about. Some people I don’t really like on a fundamental level because I don’t think they’re very nice people at their core, but it takes me a while to get to that conclusion. I enjoy seeing the best in people though, it’s made me a much happier person, and I don’t allow myself to overthink or overcriticise other people or their faults anymore.

5. My absolute goal in life is to help other people and make as many people as I can happy (including myself!). This is why I’m very keen on having my own very happy café, and I’d love to run a homeless shelter attached to said cafe. I have no interest in having a lot of money spare, and I find people who only feel motivated by money hard to understand. Each to their own, but I’m not a big fan of people spending excessive money on absolute shite when there’s people homeless on the streets. I just want to be a hippy and spread all the love.

6. One of my biggest passions in life is clothing. It makes me grumpy because I often neglect my appearance when I’m in a period of low mood, which means I have a lot of clothes that don’t get worn! Basically all my clothing is from charity shops which means I spend very little on a lot, meaning I can experiment. I don’t think I’m very good at colour co-ordination or being particular ‘stylish’, but I just adore cute clothes and outfits that make me feel good!

7. I’m a tad touch phobic. I don’t really enjoy excessive touching, I don’t mind occasional hugs and kisses, but too much of it makes me feel like my personal space is being invaded. I absolutely despise people coming up from behind me and touching my waist, it genuinely makes me shudder. It’s one of my slightly autistic traits how much I don’t enjoy being touched 99% of the time. The other 1% I’m excessively affectionate but that’s definitely the exception instead of the rule.

8. I binge watch a lot of TV shows (who doesn’t?), recently I’ve watched ‘Arrested development’ (excellent, very bizarre but makes me chuckle), ‘Friday Night Dinner’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Peep show’ (at least 6 times). My favourite one, which I’m currently watching, is ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ I enjoy how cheesy and cute Kimmy is and it just makes me feel very fuzzy and happy!

9. I have a big yellow bag with ‘Save our bees’ on it that I take with me almost everywhere. It’s always filled with an assortment of random bollocks; I have a notebook in there for writing letters on the go and making notes on whatever book I’m currently reading, I have a lot of miscellaneous crafty things and currently all my toiletries/makeup. The most important things I fairly consistenly have in there are a bag of oats (for feeding the geese) and some water and sugar for any sickly bees! I’d recommend the latter to anyone that carries around a big bag, especially in the summer time.

10. When I live in a house with a garden, I’m hoping to own a pig, several geese, a greyhound and some Staffordshire bull terriers (they are the cutest babies and get far too much stick, they’re so friendly and sweet when brought up nicely), and naturally a few rats too. I’m basically one of those horse obsessed girls that practically everyone had in their primary school, except I’m obsessed with every animal. I don’t really like reptiles as much, but that’s my bias because I adore rodents, which a lot of reptiles eat! I’m a massive gimp and when I walk the dog I mind, I’ll sometimes catch myself talking to him, and I also do that with bugs I find in my room. I’m not even going to start on my rat, I’m so ridiculously attached to him that in my mind he’s my actual child. I just trust animals and I like making them feel loved (the bug thing is mainly because I feel such sympathy for the little unloved beans).

11. In my life I’ve wanted to be a lot of things, the first was a singer (this was when I was about 5, before I realised how shockingly awful I am at singing). Then I really wanted to be a writer, which is something I’d definitely still be interested in doing as a small side project! I’m currently trying to expand my vocabulary so I can write more formally (and try to blag I’m intelligent). From year 7 until year 12 I wanted to be a child psychiatrist because it would be interesting and would mean I could help people! However it would’ve meant me getting a phd, which is a big no from me. I am really interested in politics so a little bit of me really wants to do something in the political sector, but there’s some downfalls to how honest I am publicly, and that’s not being able to be a politician because there’s far too much dirt on me. So I’m left with my café and animal dreams.

12. I notice small details, whether that be on people or in a certain environment, to the extent where I often don’t even notice or remember main features. I think this is why I don’t really have a specific type in men or women (other than the fact I’m far more attracted to personalities). I fancy people more for small features, like freckles or that little tuft people sometimes have on their stomach. I’m massively into people’s eyes crinkling when they smile! Melts my heart. I’m also largely into eyes in general but they’re definitely a main feature.

Thank you for reading this,

All the love,
Anna xx

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