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It’s so very late and my brain isn’t at it’s peak, however I wanted to write a blog post because it really has been a while. I’m sad because this blog comes down at the end of next month, and I might start up another one but I feel like I’m so infrequent with my posts it’s a bit silly. However, I predominantly write them for myself, I don’t have some professional writing style and I don’t know many fancy words, but I write how I think and I just enjoy it. Recently I’ve been jotting down so many potential blog posts, but I just never get round to posting them, or I’ll look over them and think they’re just a tad inadequate.

Today’s post is a bit basic and based around a reoccurring theme (or at least I try to make it a reoccurring theme) of my blog and that’s happy things. I’m literally going to list the things that make me happy, some of them more generic than others but all things that help me release a cheeky lil bit of dopamine.

•Animals, particularly cute fluffy things, rats and fat cats. I really want a pet ferret but the only place I could find them is gum tree which is trés dodgy. I actually also really like insects which seems to be a bit weird, I love moths and bees so much. I find insects really intriguing. I even wanted to be an entomologist for a while but I realised I don’t fancy dedicating my entire life to them (so now I want to run a café instead).

•Nice smells; I have certain perfumes that I really like the smell of and foods, I like the smell of cherry bakewells and the Daisy perfume. Yet I think the best smells are the ones that you link with people. Like I used some spray of my best pals’ earlier so I smell like her, and that makes me feel quite happy.

•Writing; I mean I suppose it’s a given as the reason I started this blog is because of how much I love to write. I’ve got a shit ton of notebooks dotted around my room with scribbles of notes in them, I even gave poetry a go but I got too confused about what could be classified as poetry or not. I tried to start writing a book recently but I realised that my writing format is so confusing and my tenses are all over the place. I’ll probably still write it but it won’t be very good.

•Intimacy; I love hugs so much, but I’m so awkward and little that I feel like I’m a bit bollocks at them. I still love them though. I also like all the other intimate human tings, and I just like human contact a lot of the time, not in a creepy way, but it just makes me feel so peaceful (and stops me from disassociating).

•Compliments; Again because of the awkward thing, I feel like I’m the worst at giving compliments, but I try to do it whenever I think something nice about someone. I also like receiving compliments, I mean I think all compliments are really lovely but I really like the genuine ones when it’s about how much you mean to someone or similar. They’re the best kind, the ones about character and who you are as a person.

•Trees and walking; Particularly in the summer, I like walking to most places. A lot of my friends live in an area where I can walk a route which means I go through a field and I love it so much. I always find it really intriguing to watch all the different people, it’s usually empty in the winter but I still think it’s so pretty. I also think trees are really beautiful and weirdly interesting.

•Cute happy films; I got bought a studio Ghibli film called ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ and it’s so sweet and easy. I’ve never been one for heavy fiction, especially not sad stuff. I figure there’s already so many sad things in reality, it’s nice to have a break from it from time to time. That’s why I really loved Kiki’s Delivery Service, it was just a really soft film and I think it has potentially became one of my favourites (thank you Spike).

•Charity shops; I’ve became a bit of a clothes hoarder recently (I have 20 skirts which I think is quite impressive), so I’m trying to ease off buying clothes for a while. However, I feel like when buying from a charity shop it’s justified and I love finding things that you wouldn’t usually buy or think to try on, but it’s so cheap and you see a lil bit of potential, then buy it anyway. I’m not a really fashionable human but I’ve been trying to develop my own personal style a lot more recently.

To be honest, there are so many little things that make me happy, I could write a very very long list. The main thing that makes me happy that isn’t even on the above list is just people, I know there’s a fair few bad eggs around, but generally the majority of the people in my life are so very lovely.

I hope everyone reading this is well and good, and if you aren’t I hope you are really soon.

Anna xxx

Ps I still can’t believe how much I failed that quote a day thing, it’s quite impressive even if I do say so myself.

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