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Seeming as I have pretty much neglected this blog for the past year, I’ve had a ‘surge of genius’ (or a mediocre idea that I kind of love). I’ve realised that over the past year or so, I have collected a rather large collection of quotes on this phone, and I’ve actually found them quite useful. So I thought, I’ll do a series of blog posts, each one regarding a different quote and my thoughts relating to it. Apologies for the false advertisement but it probably won’t be every day, yet I’ll try my absolute best to post as often as possible.

One of my absolute favourite quotes that I actually have right beside my bed, is ‘You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach’.

From a girl still partially struggling but also recovering from an eating disorder, this quote speaks all kinds of volume.

To a lot of people, it goes without saying that when you’re hungry you eat, but I messed up that process in my body during my bad bad eating disorder phase and it’s still something I struggle with. I used to love feeling hungry, made me feel like I’d achieved something, the feeling of emptiness used to make me feel satisfied. Nowadays, I realise that the feeling of emptiness actually brings me a sense of weakness and makes me very very tired. Which aren’t features of living a full life.

In direct regards to the quote, you can’t live a full life on an empty stomach for an assortment of reasons. Firstly, if you don’t eat food, you don’t have energy. If you don’t have energy, you can’t do very much at all. Or at least you can’t do it without a struggle. There were points at my worst where even in the summer my body would feel like it was freezing, just because I didn’t have the energy to warm it up. I couldn’t even do basic bodily processes and that makes me so sad to think about.

Another way in which it stops you from living a full life? If you have an empty stomach purposefully, you’ll probably have put effort into achieving that. But if you’re so busy concentrating on the food you do or don’t eat, you can’t really appreciate and enjoy the good that’s happening in your life. I used to avoid going out to eat with friends in case the menu had unknown calorific content, and I’d cry over eating an extra weight watchers yoghurt (thinking about that type of stuff makes me really proud because even if I don’t realise it I’ve came so far).

The final reason you can’t live a full life on an empty stomach? You’ll inevitably die if you don’t eat, you can’t just neglect your body and think that it’ll be fine. Maybe you won’t live a full life in the way you won’t make it past your youth because you cared more about your weight than you cared about really learning to love yourself.

So for anyone suffering with any eating problems, I’m going to concentrate on making my body happier and making sure I maintain a full stomach, but I think you should too. However it’s all a process and as one of my best pals said to me recently, 3 steps forwards, 3 steps back, but that’s how it is sometimes and one day I won’t step back so much or maybe even at all. Look after yourself and prioritise your health. This quote really is for you.

Much love and well wishes,

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