I’ve never done a post like this before, but earlier I got this rush of affection that made me feel inspired, so I’m going to write a post about my best friend, Anna (we have the same name so clearly it’s meant to be❤️).

Anna is pretty much the definition of beautiful, not that that’s particularly an important part of who she is because she’s incredible in every sense of the word, but it’s who she is as a person that enhances that beauty. She’s so bubbly and almost always smiling (but she’s somehow still the most beautiful person I know on the rare occasion when she’s moody or sad). She makes me and a huge number of people that are in her life very very happy, with just her happy little quirks and her enthusiasm for pretty much everything. She’s clever and makes me laugh all the time. She’s also the most ‘free-spirited’ human I know, and during my worst spouts of anxiety, she would always be my go to because it was a guarantee I would leave her company feeling a lot happier than before. We’ve been best pals through a lot of rough times, but we both grow from them and I like to think we help each other along.

To me, as cliché as this sounds (it makes this sound like a love letter, and I don’t really oppose that), Anna is the most perfect human I could ever know. I think I love her to the extent that most of the things about her have become my idea of perfect (which again makes this ridiculously love lettery), or at least to me, they’re perfect on her. She’s the type of human it’s almost impossible to imagine being unhappy, and heartbreaking to see when she is. Because she deserves nothing but love and happiness, as that’s what she constantly gives to those around her.

She is absolutely the person that has helped me grow the most, because she’s exactly how you’d want a best friend to be- she’s so supportive and kind and always, always there. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her, she’s made me want to be kinder and happier and she helps me appreciate being alive, regardless of how low I feel. For as long as I’m friends with Anna (hopefully forever), I can be sure I have a huge amount of happy times and memories to be created in the future.

And despite the earlier brackets, this is a love letter. Because I love Anna more than I could really ever even write down, so this is a brief summary of it.

Lots of love to anybody reading this, I hope you’re having a pleasant life (and if not, I hope it gets better soon),

Anna xxx

p.s. a disclaimer- all my other friends are the loveliest beings too!! But today I just wanted to write about Anna

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