I’ve never written something like this before but I’ve always wanted to. It shall just be a ramble about me, not in list form (although I do really like lists). Tonight I started to realise how not so bad I am, and it made me want to write something like this. So here’s an appreciation post for myself because it’s very much due.

My name’s Anna and I’m 17 (almost 18 which is a bit mental). I have blue eyes and I quite like them, they’re light blue with a dark blue rim and I think they’re rather pretty. I have pink hair at the current moment, but I’m too lazy to re-dye it very often so it’s usually orange. I’m very very skinny, but to an extent that’s genetic, and sometimes I like it because I feel like I suit a lot of clothes, but sometimes I hate it because I just want to be curvy like Kim Kardashian (this is a joke, but I would like to have a bit more chub). I get really bad eczema sometimes but I’ve started to think it’s quite speckly and cute; honestly I’ve started to get eczema on my armpits which is mind boggling (ok, not really but still). My hair is naturally really curly, but unfortunately it can get a bit pubey which isn’t a look I like to go for.

I like fairy lights a lot, and I hope to one day own a café which will be full of them. I also kind of want to be a political journalist or maybe even an MP, but I can be quite shy so I’m not certain on that. I also want to adopt a kid and perhaps have some of my own (but not until I’ve finished achieving most of my own goals first).

I like kissing and hugs and all that kind of thing, because I can be a bit of a lonely soul sometimes and affection sits well with me. I also love animals very much, I have a pet rat called Archie (whom I’d assume you’re all probably already aware of, because he is like my child). I’m convinced I’m an animal whisperer because I think that all animals love me, but deep down I know I’m most likely sorely mistaken. I’m allergic to cats but I don’t mind suffering because they’re so soft and lovely. I love music, but depending on my mood as sometimes it makes my brain feel a bit too full. My favourite song ever is probably ‘This must be the place’ by Talking heads. I like picking leaves off trees as I walk, and I like picking up insects as I walk sometimes too. I adore almost all insects, I think they’re quite sweet and little.

I enjoy eating sugary foods, to the point where my diet is mainly shite (I feel quite sorry for my insides from time to time). I love charity shops and I think people that don’t have the occasional browse are really missing out. I also have a bit of a thing for fluffy socks, they just make me feel really happy. I’ve recently started to read and I’m very very happy about it, the book I’m reading is called ‘The beautiful and damned’ and it’s absolutely wonderful. I’m also currently in the process of starting to write something of my own, and I’m hoping that it will end up being a best seller (or at least I’ll be able to flog it to a few of my friends). So, you know, watch this space. I also have the best best friends and family ever (I know everyone says that but in my case, it’s entirely true, honestly). I’ve been a bit of a mess recently so it hasn’t been that easy for them, but they’re all consistently so kind to me and I’m a very lucky human. I also have one of the goodest (that’s not a word but I like it anyway) boyfriends ever, and he’s included in that friends bit up there ^, he’s a good egg.

I say a lot of odd things, but it’s mainly just because I often say what I think, and what I think is usually an assortment of garbage. I like discussion and debate very very much, it’s always been something I like filling my head with (however I don’t like things too philosophical because I get muddled very easily). I like to dance but only on my own in my room because I’m shy! But I do like a good boogie from time to time. I get insecure about myself sometimes, I think that’s one of my biggest downfalls. I’m my own worst critique, and I can be awfully critical at times. I write like a bit of a gimp, but I think that is in fact because I am quite the gimp. I say sorry a lot, and I think I have a bit of a guilt complex in that I tend to somehow blame myself for everything that could possibly go wrong. I like to think I’ve got a weird brain, yet as I’ve never experience anyone else’s brain, I’m not certain of that.

I’ve been in an odd place in my life recently, not bad or good, I just feel a bit lost. I’m hoping it’s just adolescence. But today I’ve made a vow to start looking after myself, because I’m not going to do a very good job of finding myself if I’m neglecting myself at the same time. And something hit me earlier and I realised that not only is there nobody else in the world quite like me, but I have a lot to do and I’d quite like to be around to do them. (I feel like a sinner for starting that previous sentence with an and, I’m sorry.)

I hope everyone is having a good time, and if you’re not, it’ll be okay because things almost always are (I’d also suggest buying a pet rat because honestly that helps),

Lots of love,
Anna xxx

P.s. I just read this through and I feel a bit sick about the amount of sentences I started with I (almost all of them, including this one coincidentally). Yet it is a post about me so I’ll let it slide.


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