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This blog post marks a year and a day since I first started this blog, which is slightly insane. I get to keep this blog for a further year as well because my parents very kindly paid for another year for me, so I’m really happy. Anyway, today’s blog post is about an assortment of things, but all of them central themes within my life this week. This week hasn’t been particularly full but it’s been interesting and I’ve quite enjoyed it.

The last couple of months I’ve been developing kind of insomnia, thanks to my brain being very hyperactive and anxiety also being a bit of a shit. This week it has reached an absolute peak, I think I’ve on average got about 4-5 hours sleep. It’s so odd, I’m just getting used to being permanently shattered. I can cope though because I know for absolute sure I’ll sort it out soon (or maybe not so soon, as it’ll be progressive, but regardless I’ll get there).

I’ve decided, rather profusely, that I would like to get a job. I did apply to a lot last summer; however I didn’t get any of them so I was a bit disheartened. So some time in the near future I’ve decided to write a CV, and then proceed to handing it out to every single cute café in Liverpool. I’m in dire need of money at the moment, as not only am I saving up for something fairly big but I’ve formed a bit of an obsession with buying clothes. To be honest I’ve recently gained a massive love for charity shops, but I still need money to fund even those purchases. Plus I genuinely can feel myself becoming a bit of a clothes hoarder, I counted and I have 20 skirts which is potentially a tad excessive?

I also got a pet rat last Tuesday. I feel like everybody I’ve spoken to this week has heard about this already, but I am honestly in love. People seem to have a lot of mixed feelings regarding rats but they’re the sweetest things, and not that people will believe me but they’re one of the cleanest animals (plus they’re really intelligent). I feel like I’ll get annoyingly defensive about them but obviously with their association with the plague and similar, I can understand why people might think they’re a tad grim. Yet most animals in a wild setting could carry diseases, and I feel like if most people got to meet a domesticated rat they’d actually find them really cute. I’ll stop trying to sell them to you now and just tell you about Archie a little bit. He’s white and currently only about 10 weeks old (so a baby). As he’s only 10 weeks old, he’s also only about half the size he’ll be when he’s fully grown. He’s really hyperactive, which I imagine most rats are, but it’s actually quite charming in an odd way. Plus I just find how rats (and animals in general) behave so endearing and really amusing. He’s repetitively climbed up the walls of his cage just to let go and fall down this week, alongside having many brawls with the small plastic play balls you put in ball pits. I’m really happy about him though because I love animals so much, and I’ve wanted a rat for a very long time.

My final point is that I’ve been bleeding out of my vagina all week and it has inevitably been a bit bleurgh (for lack of a better word). I feel like the topic of periods is pretty heavily avoided a lot of the time, because a woman’s natural bodily process seems to oddly be seen as an awkward thing to discuss (alongside other topics such as girls watching porn but that’s for another post someday). But hey, it’s been a significant enough part of my week for me to want to mention it. I complain about getting my period whenever it comes along, because it can be really inconvenient, but periods are a sign of fertility which is actually pretty amazing. My period was delayed until I was quite old because of malnutrition, and it was honestly one of the happiest things when I started again properly. I was so petrified that I’d made myself infertile. So now, every month when it comes along, even if I do complain, I’m low key so appreciative of it.

So that’s about it, and all I have to write about for tonight,

I hope everyone is well and happy,

p.s. I decided to make a playlist to go with this post, where I’ve just put together some of the songs I’m currently enjoying.

p.p.s. I’m actually just listening to the Angus, thongs and Perfect snogging soundtrack so if you don’t want to listen to my playlist- another suggestion.

p.p.p.s. I feel like this blog post is weirdly unenthusiastic because of the lack of exclamation marks, I apologise!

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